Tips For Better Exterior House Painting Riverhills

Tips For Better Exterior House Painting Riverhills

There are a lot of advantages to changing your home’s exterior house painting Riverhills aside from giving it a fresh look. This will also give added value to your property while beautifying and protecting it at the same time.

exterior house painting riverhillsWhether you decide to paint the exterior of your house yourself or hire someone, you need to consider these tips to perfect it the first time:

Choose the right materials. Make sure to choose the right quality materials for your home such as caulking compound, primer, and the paint you are going to use for the house. Keep in mind that quality materials, which may be expensive will also ensure the longevity of your paint and they have a lifetime warranty against defect and finish so you are actually saving more than you think.

Get the surface ready. Don’t just paint the surface without filling in any perfections you see. Make the surface wall smooth and without cracks by lightly sanding the areas where they are needed. You can also use a power washer or just a paint scraper to remove old flaking paint, rust, mold, oil, and the likes.

Two coats are better than one. Most contractors will agree that it is better to apply coats of paint than one as this will give more protection and durability instead of just placing one. In some cases though, you may be applying more than two especially if you are painting from a darker shade going to a lighter color.

Don’t forget to cover. Before you start spraying your walls, make sure to protect your gardens, patios, walkways and decks by covering them with plastic sheeting. This way you are sure that they will not get unwanted splatters.

Chose when to paint. If it is foggy, it just rained, or if the temperature is below 50 degrees, better cancel your plans for a while and paint your house when the weather is warmer, Remember that the weather will also be a determining factor on how well the paint would stick to your wall.

Once you are done with painting, take care of it by doing an annual maintenance. You can do this by washing the house with care and getting rid of dust and dirt once a year to extend the paint’s life.


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