Things To Look For In Choosing The Right House Painting Contractor Springfield

Things To Look For In Choosing The Right House Painting Contractor Springfield

House Painting Contractor SpringfieldNow that you are planning on refreshing the paint of your home, it is time to find the right house painting contractor Springfield for the job.

Compare contractors. Choose three contractors and compare their prices and services. You can find house painters on the Internet or through referrals and ask them to provide you with an estimate that you think you can work on.

Check their license and insurance. A good company should be licensed and insured to make sure that they can be liable in case something goes wrong. Also, this serves as a protection for the painters and your home. A license also serves as a good credential that the contractor can be trusted.

Invite them for an interview. Bring them to your home and tell them what is needed to be done in your home. Ask them questions such as:

· What kind of paints they use?

· How many coats are needed for the walls?

· How long have they been in the painting business?

· Do they have regular employees or sub-contractors?

· What kind of preparation do they do?

Check their references. While they can tell you that their past clients were all satisfied with their services, it is better to know that from them directly. Check records with the Better Business Bureau or contact their references and see if they have a good record.

Create a written contract. Once you have chosen a contractor, make sure to write a written contract indicating your expectations. You should prepare this, while the two of you are discussing plans for your house painting.

Your written contract should include:

· Details about the preparation and the cleanup after the project

· What areas to be painted and what colour

· Start date and expected end date

· Warranty if any

· The amount, when and how the contractor should be paid

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