Simple Ways To Find The Best House Painting Contractor Carole Park For Your Project

Simple Ways To Find The Best House Painting Contractor Carole Park For Your Project

residential house painting carole parkWant to get the best house painting contractor Carole Park to paint your home? Here are some ways to do that:

Check out three or more contractors. Check out at least three residential painting contractors from your area and see if the estimate they are giving you sounds reasonable. You can find these contractors by asking friends and family or just by checking the Internet.

Check their license and insurance. Most large-scale contractors can provide a certificate of insurance and any necessary license that will make sure that their hired employees are safe. You could also check the contractor if they are a member of any local or national association. Although this is not necessary, if they are a member, it means that their company is already established.

Interview them. Invite the contractor in your home and let him see what he is going to work on. Tell him everything that you plan on painting and items that you want protecting. Ask him about the kind of paint he is going to use and how many coats will they be using. Ask them if they have any personal protection equipment they use, how long have their business been in operation, if their crew is paid hourly or sub-contracted, and so on.

Ask for references. You can also ask for references from the contractor and you could also find their past clients by checking records with the Better Business Bureau.

Draw up a contract. Make sure to place everything in writing. Don’t think that just because the both of you shake hands and agreed on a deal that everything is alright. To be sure that all is set according to plan, write a contract which will include:

  • What areas are going to be painted
  • What paint is going to be used and colour
  • Preparation and cleanup
  • Date on when they should start and end
  • Applicable warranty
  • When and how much should the contractor be paid

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