Should I Paint My House?

It is about time to renovate your house and the first thing you do is to paint the walls. You can’t even remember the last time you had your house painted. It is always best to complete the work with quality services and materials. You have already decided about the colors and the stylistic details.

And now that the whole painting is over, you are happy with the overall outcome.  Unfortunately, after a week problems come up. You cannot find what has gone wrong. Instead of looking around and guessing what has caused all the mess, read along. Below you will find the solution to every problem you may encounter. So you can have a great answer, when the question is “Should I paint my house?”


should i paint my house

House Painting Issues to Resolve

First of all, a common problem that you might deal with is that the painted surface is peeling. This can happen because you have not used a primer before the paint. Or else you have used a primer that is not appropriate. Perhaps you have used paint of bad quality and you have not cleaned up the wall before painting. In order to resolve the situation, you have to remove all the peeled spots with a hard brush. Next, you have to add a primer at the surface and then apply the plastic paint twice.

Another problem you might have is that the color comes out if you touch it or rub it at various spots. This happens because you have chosen bad quality of paint. The solution is to remove the paint with a brush or spatula and rub the surface with sandpaper. Then you should apply an acrylic primer and afterwards move forward with the actual paint.

When you clean the painted surface, the paint might be left on the sponge. In this case you may also have used paint of poor quality standards, hard material or active detergent. You may also have rinsed the surface before the paint has dried or you may have used diluted paint. In this situation, you need to paint again with washable plastic paint. If stains remain at different spots on the painted surface, then you might have probably used low coverage or diluted paint. Or the smeared surface may have not been primed. The only solution to this problem is to prime with acrylic primer before painting.

If you avoid all the above problems, then success is a given. Then you won’t need to fix anything else; everything has been completed perfectly. And if you are still wondering, then you can always turn to the pros! And yes, in this case “Should i paint my house?” is not an issue any more!

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