Residential House Painting West Ipswich: What Causes The Paint To Flake?

Residential House Painting West Ipswich: What Causes The Paint To Flake?

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When your newly painted walls start to flake at some portion, you can tell that something’s not right from the start it was painted. While you can definitely address this paint problem to an expert in residential house painting, you can also determine the cause of the problem and fix the problem yourself.

There are some factors that cause the paint to flake even after a few weeks or months of application.

  • Surface not properly prepared for painting
  • Moisture seeping through the wall
  • Used oil-based paint over latex paint
  • Primer not applied before painting
  • No proper drying times between coats
  • Old paint

In most cases, moisture is the problem why a newly painted wall starts flaking. Before you apply a new coat of paint, solve the moisture problem first. The source of moisture can come from a leaky roof or some other plumbing issues. You will need to have these problems repaired before you start painting again.

Too much humidity also add to the problem. This can be fixed by having ventilation fans in the room. Use paint with a higher gloss level when repainting as it helps lessen water absorption, which can prevent flaying.

It is worth noting that you can use latex paint over oil-based, provided that you properly prepped the surface for painting. Do not apply an oil-based paint over latex. You can determine the existing paint if it’s oil or latex by rubbing the surface with ethyl alcohol on a rag. Latex paint comes off on the rag with ethyl alcohol.

Paint still flaking? If the problem persists, you may need the help of professional house painters to find out why the walls are flaking. Professionals in residential house painting West Ipswich can provide you with the right solution that lasts.

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