Residential House Painting Sumner – Tips To Remove Wallpaper Easily Before Painting

Residential House Painting Sumner – Tips To Remove Wallpaper Easily Before Painting

residential house painting sumnerIf you are planning to have residential house painting Sumner, but the problem is you still have wallpapers on the wall, then how should you do this? It is not advisable to paint the walls while there still are existing wallpaper because sooner or later, you still have to remove it. If it is time to have the walls painted and there is an existing wallpaper on the surface, it is time to just remove it!

Here are ways to just simply remove a wallpaper to prep for painting:

Prepare the area. Most homeowners think that removing the wallpaper will just require peeling the paper and then painting the surface after. However, it will be to your advantage to just prepare the work area first by removing the curtains, artwork outlet covers or switchplates first before starting with your mission. You will also need a large garbage bag and a newspaper on the floor where the wallpapers are to make it less messy.

Test it first. Peeling may look easy, but some adhesives are stubborn and may not want to be peeled down. So start at a corner and tear down the surface. If it doesn’t tear the underlying drywall, then you are lucky cos you can just simply pull the wallpaper with ease. But if not, there are other options.

Make the solution. Place a bottle sprayer with a mixture of hot water and fabric softener. Use this to spray the walls. Saturate the wallpaper evenly. Once you think you can peel it off, just start removing it.

Removing time. With the use of a putty knife, scrape the wallpaper, but be careful not to gouge the wall surface. Just repeat the process of spraying a solution on the wallpaper for stubborn papers.

Cleaning time. Once done, the walls will be left with residue which you will need to remove with the use of a mixture of hot water and a small amount of trisodium phosphate or TSP. Use a sponge and apply it to the walls. Then wipe the walls with clean water as the last step. Don’t forget to place the peeled wallpaper inside the garbage bag and dispose of properly.

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