Residential House Painting Richlands Tips In Maintaining Your Painted Walls

Residential House Painting Richlands Tips In Maintaining Your Painted Walls

Now that you have finally painted your house, your next step is to make sure that they are maintained as much as you can. Nothing is more annoying than seeing your beautifully-painted walls looking worn and dirty. But it is actually inevitable that your walls will get dirty over time.residential house painting richlands

Here are residential house painting Richlands tips in keeping your painted walls clean.

Paint maintenance. To help prolong the life of your paint, do a little preventive maintenance by making sure that it is free from dust. With the use of a brush vacuum attachment, brush down the wall, then use a mop that has been sprayed with a dusting agent and wipes the wall.

If your wall has latex paint. Remove the dust first and with the use of warm water and a nonabrasive all-purpose cleaner, gently clean the wall in areas where fingerprints are present. If the procedure is not successful and dirt is still present, make a paste and baking soda and apply it in the area.

For semi-gloss or enamel paint. Start cleaning the painted walls using the gentlest solution that you can find. Keep in mind that if you use harsh cleaners or brushes, you can remove the stain, but you will also be removing the paint in the process which will leave you a clear, annoying spot on the wall.

Start with a clean, soft rag and soaked it in warm water to clean small smudges. If that does not work, use a melamine-foam based product. For dark walls, follow the procedure by blotting the affected area with an absorbent towel.

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