Residential House Painting Newtown – Tips To Avoid House Painting Issues

Residential House Painting Newtown – Tips To Avoid House Painting Issues

residential house painting newtownResidential house painting Newtown is a big job. A newly painted home will protect it from the elements and enhance its value and appearance. For your house exterior, you want to have a quality paint job so that it will survive the hot and cold weather without peeling or cracking and that it will seal your home interior from pest, moisture and other damaging climatic factors.

You want to make sure the house painting job will complement your interior decoration and done properly without damage to the interior parts of your home. The success of your house painting project depends on painting technique, quality paint and tools you use.

Before you start painting, remove the furniture in the room as much as possible. Leave yourself enough space to work. Use tarps or drop cloths to protect floors from paint drips, spills and spatter.

For bare plaster walls and ceiling, use oil-based or all-purpose house painting acrylic primer. Fill small holes or cracks with spackle using a putty knife. Prime the walls depending on the size and amount of patching.

Apply a thin 2-inch band of paint along the edges of the ceiling. Work around the window and door trim first, then to the baseboard and to the ceiling or crown moulding. Use a roller on an extension handle to paint the walls. Paint the wall by section and work from the top down.

When you do it the right way, you will appreciate the end result of the painting job and how much better it can look when the task is completed

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