Residential House Painting Muirlea – Conditions That Cause Paint To Peel Off Quickly

Residential House Painting Muirlea – Conditions That Cause Paint To Peel Off Quickly

residential house painting muirleaNotice some portion of the walls peeling or showing flake weeks or months after having it painted? This is a common issue for some homeowners. You can get some help from a professional in residential house painting Muirlea but you can also fix it yourself.

There are certain conditions that cause the paint to peel off. It could be old paint, unclean surfaces that were painted, moisture seeping through the wall, no primer used, use of latex paint with oil-based paint or inadequate drying time between coats.

In most cases, moisture issues cause the paint to peel. If you are to repaint the damaged portion, better fix the problem first before you re-painting the wall again to avoid peeling of paint again.

Moisture occurs when is a water leak or other plumbing issues. Have them these problems repaired before you start painting again.

Too much humidity in the house may also cause the paint to peel. Your home should have proper ventilation or have fans installed in those rooms. You may repaint the wall using paint with a higher sheen level as this type of paint reduce water absorption, which can prevent peeling.

Old style with oil-based paint. It is also possible that when you applied the acrylic paint over an oil-based paint, the flake and peeling occur. This means that you have to completely remove the top coat and place an undercoat to stabilize the surface before you can paint.

If peeling or flaking continues to happen and you do you have no idea what is causing it to happen, contact a residential house painter as they are knowledgeable about the situation. They know what to do give your walls the best look that will last for a long time.

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