Residential House Painting Goodna Tips For Preparing Walls Before Painting

Residential House Painting Goodna Tips For Preparing Walls Before Painting

residential house painting goodnaPreparing your walls before you paint them can be the least exciting part of the wall painting process. Most find the preparation to be very time consuming and hard as it will require cleaning, getting rid of cracks, scraping and smoothing, and placing a primer before you can even start.

 Here are some of what you are expected to do before you can begin painting:

Move your furniture to protect them. If your residential house painting Goodna project begins with the rooms, make sure to move the furniture to protect them from possible splatter. Do not gamble your furniture when it comes to painting. If you can move them out of the room, better, but if not, you can place them at the centre of the room and cover them with drop cloths.

You should also remove outlet covers and ceiling fans and pendant lights should also be covered with plastic. Secure the doorknobs too with plastic bags or painter’s tape.

Repair what needs attention

With the use of a putty knife, take out flaking paint and scrape it. You should also find holes and fix them with the use of a spackling product. Apply this with a putty knife and smooth and let dry. Follow this with a primer.

Clean the walls

Don’t forget to clean the walls by vacuuming the baseboards and mouldings. Get rid of all dust to ensure you are painting on a clean surface. If you are painting your kitchen, you may have to use soapy water to remove food splatter.

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