Residential House Painting Booval – How To Choose The Right Paint For Your Walls

residential house painting boovalWhen you have kids and pets at home, you already know that there is no paint that is completely safe. However, there are some types of paint that are just going to be better than others. Here’s how to choose the right kind of paint for your walls:

Price can tell about the quality

Low price paint is usually made with cheaper elements, making it less enduring and the colour may not appear to be what you expect once applied on your wall. Quality paint will have less filler or water and higher quality titanium oxide and resin. So the more paint with each stroke results to higher quality finish once the paint is dry.

Select water-based paints

While oil-based paint has long been the standard, it is harder to clean up and does not wear as well as water-based paints. There are only a few situations in which oil-based is a better idea, but water-based will wear longer and better.

Paint with a slight gloss

Slightly glossy paint is easier to clean than completely rougher finish matte paint and is more likely to wear away when cleaned. Choose paint with at least a little gloss, especially if you have kids and dogs.

Consider colour options

Colour is a significant aspect of your paint. Lighter colours will fade worse than more muted colours. You have other good options than beige or grey like greens, blues, pinks, and yellows.

These residential house painting Booval tips will help you choose the right kind of paint for any room in your house.