Residential House Painting Bellbowrie – Things To Do Before You Paint Your Wall

Residential House Painting Bellbowrie – Things To Do Before You Paint Your Wall

residential house painting bellbowrieHow should you prepare your residential house painting Bellbowrie this winter? While we are all excited to see the end product but we still have to wait and see since we still need to prepare the walls before we can even start painting. Remember that a proper prep job is vital to make the walls beautiful.

So how should you start preparing your walls for painting? Here are some ways:

Protect your furniture and move them away from the walls. You might think that you can avoid spills, but at least expect to get some splatter in parts of the room and floor. Don’t take chances and move the furniture away from the walls or just simply move them out of the room until you are done with painting. If it is not possible to move them out of the room, place them at the centre of the room instead.

Make sure the wall is smooth and even. Check the walls for imperfections and ensure to repair those imperfections. Check for flaking paint and scrape it off. Make sure to patch small holes and smooth them, then dry. Once the area is dry, sand it until the area is smooth, then apply a primer.

Clean the walls. Clean the walls by vacuuming the baseboards and mouldings. Dust the wall until clean. If you are going to paint the kitchen, you may have to use soapy water to get rid of stain food.

Once the walls are all prepared, you can then start painting your home interior.

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