Residential House Painting Amberley Tips For Preparing A Room For Painting

Residential House Painting Amberley Tips For Preparing A Room For Painting

When you up to the task to paint your home interior, you know preparation is key to start a successful residential house painting Amberley. Here is a quick list of what you need to prepare the room for painting:

  • Drop cloths and plastic sheeting
  • Sponges
  • Scraper
  • Sandpaper
  • Tape for painting
  • Brushes
  • Paint rollers
  • Pre-mixed wall filler

Proper way to prepare a room for painting

Before you start painting, you have to remove all the fixtures from the walls like picture, picture hooks and light switch covers. Remove furniture to avoid possible paint splat. If furniture is impossible to remove, move them to the centre of the room. It will be easier to paint even those tricky corners when you have enough space to work.

Protect the floor and any remaining furniture with drop cloths. If you have carpets, place plastic sheeting for protection. Once the floor and furniture are well secured, you can now wash the walls with soapy water. This is to remove dust and dirt and to ensure that the paint will hold faster. Wash the walls with clean water to remove traces of soap.

There may be some damaged spots, bumps and flaking paint in the wall. You will have to fix them first by scraping and sanding the surface to leave a smooth wall surface. Use pre-mixed wall filler or acrylic gap sealant for cracks and damaged spots. Once the wall is cleared for painting, then you can get your paint roller and begin the paint job.

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