Interior House Painters Carole Park- What Causes Paint To Craze And Hot To Fix It

Interior House Painters Carole Park- What Causes Paint To Craze And Hot To Fix It

interior home painters carole parkCracking, flaking or peeling is a common interior paint problem. Dry paint sometimes cracks or flakes due to aging or improper application.

The paint problem can start off small, but will get bigger over time if they’re not fixed. It is important to deal with it in the early stages while it seems as hairline cracks. If not the paint begins to flake off. Here are other reasons why it happens in the first place and how you can fix the problem to avoid untimely repainting.

What Causes The Paint to Crack or Flake Off?

  • Dry paint may start chipping off due to age
  • Use of poor quality paint which results in poor adhesion and flexibility
  • Oil-based paint used over latex paint
  • Application of paint was too thin
  • Wall is not properly prepared for paint
  • Paint is applied to a bare surface without priming
  • Paint dry too fast and not the underside
  • Extreme cracking happens when another coat of paint is applied before the early coat dries completely.

How to Fix the Problem

  • If the cracking does not reach down to the substrate, scrape the loose or flaking paint. Sand the area to feather the edges. Use a quality primer to any bare spots and repaint the surface.
  • You may need to use a filler in case flaking happens in multiple layers of paint
  • If the paint problem reaches down to the substrate, scrape all of the paint or use a heat gun to remove paint, sand it until the surface is smooth and even, prime before you repaint it

If you feel that this is something that you cannot do, you can just call your interior home painters Carole Park to do the job for you. For these professionals will do an excellent job fixing your interior paint problems.

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