Interior Home Painters Yamanto: Simple Tips In Painting A Room

Interior Home Painters Yamanto: Simple Tips In Painting A Room

Are you getting ready to paint your room but don’t know where to start? Wall ceiling or trims? Hiring interior home painters Yamanto can make you work easy, but if you decide to do it yourself you will have to know what to paint first to get it right from the start.

interior home painters yamantoWhat should you actually paint first in a room? Here are some tips to give you ideas what to paint first and why paint it first.

Do the trim first. The smooth surface of the trim is a good place to start painting. Unlike the rough walls, you will be able to mask onto a smooth surface and it always gives you the straightest line to paint. Always do the trim first and then go on to your next step.

The next step is the ceilings. Painting the ceiling may cause a little bit of splatter coming down. So run a tape a top of your trims and then begin rolling your ceilings.

When you do your ceilings, you want to take your ceilings down just about an eighth of an inch to half an inch on to your wall because when you roll your walls you’re going to be cutting in your ceiling lines. After the ceiling is dry, then you will begin doing your walls.

There you go, the success of your paint job starts in knowing what to paint first to get the best result. These are just some tips to help you start the paint job in your room. There are a lot of other ways out there that can be done and that are effective.

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