Interior Home Painters Wacol Tips For Painting Around Windows

Interior Home Painters Wacol Tips For Painting Around Windows

interior home painters wacolYou may have to spend more paint if you are doing interior coating if the room has more windows. Since you will have to follow the shape and curve of these windows, this may take more time.

It is true, that the more windows you have the less square footage of paint you will use, however, most professionals know that painting windows may require a different higher gloss of paint than the walls. They will have to be more careful in making a much neater result so that they create a cleaner, no fuzzy overlap.

Preparation for painting around windows

Just like how you prepare the walls before you paint, you will also have to prepare and clean the windows before you can even start painting the sides. You will also have to look for cake-on paint and drips around the mouldings and remove them to achieve that good look.

Tools to use

Once you have properly prepared the side of the windows, you will need to prepare a couple of tools such as a masking tape and different paint brushes that can be wide or narrow, and other details you may need to use.


Painting around windows is not that easy compared to a whole wall since you will have to consider the elements surrounding the window itself such as if has natural wood elements or vinyl that you clearly need to keep safe from the paint. You will also have to make sure that the window is free from drips. This is why it is more practical to just ask interior home painters Wacol when it comes to painting your home interior as you will be able to relax more knowing that they will paint the surrounding of your windows perfectly.

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