Interior Home Painters Ripley – Preparing The Walls For Paint After Wallpaper Removal

Interior Home Painters Ripley – Preparing The Walls For Paint After Wallpaper Removal

interior home painters ripleyWallpapers on the wall look great as long as they don’t look old and flaying. But when the time comes for you to give your walls a new look by painting it, you will want to get rid of the wallpaper before you paint the walls. It is not advisable to cover the wallpaper with paint, you will have to remove it to get the best look.

You do not paint right away after removing the wallpaper. You will still need to prepare the walls for paint after removing wallpaper. Preparation is necessary for painting to get the best quality of your paint job. You will need to spend time and effort in preparing the walls for paint.

Scrape off residue and wallpaper scraps. Make a solution of wallpaper stripper (5 ounces) and one gallon of water. Use a pump sprayer to sprinkle the mixture on the walls. Use a wide scraper knife to scour any residual and wallpaper scraps off the walls.

Clean the wall. After scraping old paper, spray clean water to rinse the wall. Rinse again if necessary. Use a wet sponge to remove any remaining residue on the surface. Leave it to dry for one to two days.

Prepare the area. Most homeowners think that removing the wallpaper will just require peeling the paper and then painting the surface after. However, it will be to your advantage to just prepare the work area first by removing the curtains, artwork outlet covers or switchplates first before starting with your mission. You will also need a large garbage bag and a newspaper on the floor where the wallpapers are to make it less messy.

Sand and Seal. Use 120-grit sandpaper (wrapped in a sanding block) and sand the walls. Apply oil-based paint to the walls using a roller to seal and cover any grease spots, stains or water-based adhesives so they won’t affect the paint job. Make sure the paint is completely dry. After drying time, check the walls for any peeling paint. If you see any, sand them off and repaint the spots with the oil-based paint with a paintbrush.

Smoothen the surface area. Apply joint compound to the holes, dents or cracks in the surface with a putty knife. In case the walls are so damaged or pitted after removing the wallpaper, applying compound may not be enough to smoothen the surface so better skim coat the wall instead. Make sure you evenly apply and smooth the compound working in sections. Let the compound dry and apply a second and third coat if needed. When the joint compound is completely dry, then your walls are ready for painting.

Hire professional painters

If this seem like a troublesome work for you, hire interior home painters Ripley to do job for you. This way you do not have to worry about preparing the walls and the paint job and just leave everything to the professionals.

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