Interior Home Painters One Mile: What To Consider When Painting During The Cold Months

Interior Home Painters One Mile: What To Consider When Painting During The Cold Months

Should you consider interior house painting during these cold months? Well, it’s never too cold to paint in winter.

Winter house painting is an option some people take as the summertime can be a really busy time for vacations, travels and even parties. And, you may just want to concentrate on the endless activities that you will be attending. Also, professional painters are busier during those months so it is probably better to just have your house interior be painted in the winter.

Here’s what you should consider when painting during the winter:

Generally, the temperature in the room should be above 60 degrees, if it is below 50 degrees, this can result in paint problems and longer drying hours. Since most homes do not have temperatures below 50 or 60 degrees during winter, cold weather slows the drying time of both alkyd/oil and water-based paints.

The coldness outside can play a significant role in chilling the exterior which can cool the walls. As the wall temperature adjusts to the paint, together with the breeze from an open window can help in the drying time. You can adjust the thermostat up during the paint job and leaving it for 36 hours after they are done especially if it is extremely cold.

Another factor that affects winter home painting is the humidity. With more moisture in the air, there will be drying problems since wet air keeps the paint wet. Painting in temperatures that is too cold can cause problems as the paint will stay wet and can sag. By applying thin coats it can dry quickly. Open windows to provide ventilation to speed evaporation. Also, reduce humidity with a dehumidifier and/or raise the temperature with a space heater to help in the drying process.

To get the quality paint job, you may hire interior home painters One Mile. Getting professional home painting service comes with a host of benefits.

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