Interior Home Painters Inala East- Things To Prepare Before You Start Interior Home Painting

Interior Home Painters Inala East – Things To Prepare Before You Start Interior Home Painting

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Having an interior house painting soon? If you are planning to do the paint job on your own, it is important to consider how you prepare the surface to paint. Proper preparation is necessary to get the best look after painting. So before you start with the process, better prepare the room first.

Here is a quick list of tools and materials you need to get your rooms started:

  • Drop cloths to cover the furniture and even the floor
  • ·Old clothes and shoes to use for painting
  • Sponges
  • Scraper
  • Sandpaper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Brushes
  • Paint rollers
  • Pre-mixed wall filler

Preparing to paint

Before you paint the walls, take all the fixtures off of the walls, it includes the photo frames, picture hooks and light switch covers. Move the furniture away from the area you intend to paint to avoid possible paint splat. If it is impossible to move them away, cover it with a drop cloth or place them in the centre of the room. Clearing the room will make it easier to paint even when you need to go through tricky corners.

If carpets in the room, use place plastic drop cloths to protect it from drops of paint. Plastic drop cloth is better than cotton when covering the carpet flooring.

Once the floor and furniture are secured, you will need to wash the walls with soapy water. You will need to remove dust and dirt to ensure that the paint will stick faster. Do not forget to rinse the walls with clean water to remove traces of soap.

Check the walls for damage, bubbles and flaking paint. It is necessary to repair these surface issues first. Scraping the area and sanding the surface will create that smooth surface. You may have to use gap fillers if the wall is damaged and needed fixing. Proper wall prep is key in getting a good paint job. Once you’ve done all the necessary preparation then you can start interior house painting.

In case you need help, you may call for interior home painters Inala East to complete the job for you.

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