Interior Home Painters Durack – Different Types Of Paints Available In The Market

Interior Home Painters Durack – Different Types Of Paints Available In The Market

Now that you have decided to do your own interior home painting, your next agenda is to find the right type of interior paint since there is a lot to choose from. It is also important to just even the basic knowledge of the right surfaces to get a good painting result.interior home painters durack

You can also hire a interior home painters Durack for the job and eliminate the difficulties of doing the whole project on your own. But before you hire one, let us discuss the different types of paints available in the market:

Matte Paint

Matte paint is one of the most common paints homeowners choose for their interior walls. The colour is not shiny, which makes a great option for walls and ceilings. The process of painting is also easy but requires more than a single layer of coating to create that solid look. There is a disadvantage to matte though since marks can appear quickly with this kind of paint and it needs more care and regular retouching.

Matte enamel

If you want a paint that is durable, does not need any retouching then matte enamel is a good way to go. It is perfect for kitchens and walls that need regular wiping. The process of painting is similar with matte and it also provides that similar effect.


This kind of paint is a combination of matte and gloss where it creates a soft sheen. The downside to satin paint is that it is not great on walls with imperfections as the paint can easily highlight them.

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