Interior and Exterior House Painting Leichhardt – What Causes Flaking Paint?

Interior and Exterior House Painting Leichhardt – What Causes Flaking Paint?

Flaking is one of the common paint problems that appear weeks or months after painting. While paint flaking is a problem your house painter can look at, you can also manage to solve this problem yourself.exterior house painting leichhardt

What causes paint to flake? Here are some of the factors that cause flaking:

Lack of surface preparation. If the paint doesn’t hold properly to the surface underneath, it will soon start to flake off. Prior to painting, the walls should be prepped for painting. Cleaning the surface area before painting is essential for a lasting paint job. Things like mildew, oils, dust, and dirt need to be thoroughly cleaned before painting.

Moisture problem. Paint doesn’t dry properly when applied to a clammy surface. It may strip or flake soon after it’s applied. Moisture can happen when there is a leaky roof or some other plumbing issues. You will have to fix these problems before you start painting again.

Paint that doesn’t mix well over existing paint. If you’re painting over existing paint, use paint of the same type. Oil, water-based, and latex paints don’t mix well together. When you use acrylic paint over oil-based paint, early flaking may happen.

No proper drying times between coats. Proper drying time is necessary to have a lasting paint job. Make sure that the first layer is completely dry before applying the second layer.

Paint that has gone bad or inferior paint. Paint will also peel if it’s already gone bad. When the paint in can starts developing a stronger odour and leaves a rough finish on surfaces that will not last long. Also, low quality paint may flake sooner than expected.

If flaking still happens, call in the experts in interior and exterior house painting Leichhardt. They can determine the cause and best approach to having painted walls that last for a long time.

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