How To Prepare Your Home For Exterior House Painting North Ipswich

How To Prepare Your Home For Exterior House Painting North Ipswich

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Making your exterior home beautiful includes exterior house painting. The exterior house paint job sets a good impression. Those who see your home outside will have their imagination flowing of what is inside if they find your home aesthetically pleasing.

Before you begin exterior house painting North Ipswich, you will have to inspect the areas that highlight the property. Check the window frames, letterboxes, eaves and even the driveway as they can play an important role in making a unique looking home.

How to prepare your home for the exterior paint job?

Don’t take exterior house painting lightly because it is actually hard work. Properly preparing your home helps to ensure an exterior paint job that will last.

Before house painting, make sure the exterior is clean. Wash the house exterior from top to bottom, all around. Use a pressure washer if possible and use cleaning solutions to remove mould and other severe stains. A clean surface to paint will help maximize the adhesion of the new paint to your home and let it dry faster.

After cleaning, scrape away any flaking paint. You will need a standard paint scraper, some elbow grease and a lot of patience. Make sure that the surface is completely dry before taking this step. Scraping a still wet surface will only lead to more flaking paint once it dries.

Caulk any cracks on the surface and wipe away the excess with a damp rag or towel. Fix any damaged or rotted section and replace if necessary. You may need a carpenter or handyman to fix for extreme situations.

Apply primer on any bare or exposed sections of your home’s exterior with an exterior-grade oil-based primer before painting. It is highly recommended to sand rough bare areas before priming. Priming helps your new paint lasts.

You will also have to trim any trees, bushes or plants that are in close contact to your home before painting. This allows you to have enough space to work around the house and prevent woody plants from hitting the wet paint.

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