House Painting Contractor Sumner – Common Problems When Painting How To Prevent Them

House Painting Contractor Sumner – Common Problems When Painting How To Prevent Them

Painting your home can easily transform a dull looking house into a sophisticated, fresh looking one. Just simply paint a room or hire a house painting contractor Sumner and you will have an entirely new feel. But with any transformation, you may also end up getting a few bumps down the road. If things don’t go exactly as plan, house painting contractor sumneryour wall may end up with bubbles, peels or even cracks.

So why do walls sometimes end up with these common problems when painting. Let us discuss some reasons behind it.

When paint bubbles. Bubbles are commonly the result of the paint film losing its adhesion to the surface it was supposed to stick in. bubbles mostly lead to peeling, which would mean you have to do the painting again and fix the entire problem.

Most common reasons why bubbles happen are:

· Painting on a dirty damp surface that is above 90 degrees hot or below 50 degrees cold.

· Painting a wall with a latex paint over an oil-based paint

· Did not clean the surface

· Exposure to moisture after it dried

· Painting during a humid day

· Painting too fast

To prevent bubbles from happening, always prepare your surface first. Clean and dry the surface before you start working. Use a primer-sealer and avoid painting if it is too hot, cold or humid.

When paint peels. Peels can also happen when the paint can’t hold on the surface. To avoid this you can sand the surface you want to paint first since this will help for the paint to stick. Then, test the surface if it is ready for painting.

When paint cracks. Do not ignore when you see the paint cracking since it will eventually grow. And just like bubbling paint, cracks can occur when you:

· Used low-quality paint

· Painted oil-based paint over latex

· Paint spread too thin and dried too fast

· Paint used is old

· Not prepared surfaced

· Applied thick paint

When cracks happen scrap or wire brush the flaking paint and sand, prime and repaint the affected area. You may have to remove all the paint and have to do it all over again if it has cracked down to the substrate.

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