House Painting Contractor Newtown – Things To Remember On Cold Weather Painting

House Painting Contractor Newtown – Things To Remember On Cold Weather Painting

house painting contractor newtownNow that the winter is here, should you consider having interior house painting during these cold times? Well, in most cases, you can. This is because, during the summers, you may be busy with your vacations and travels, and even parties. And, you may just want to concentrate on the endless activities that you will be attending. Also, professional painters are busier during those months so it is probably better to just have your house interior be painted in the winter.

Here are some guidelines you should look into when painting during the winter:

The temperature in the room. Commonly, the temperature in the room should be above 60 degrees, if it is below 50 degrees, this can result in bonding problems and longer drying hours. Since most homes do not have temperatures below 50 or 60 degrees during winter, drying times can be a bit difficult.

However, the outside chill can play a significant role in chilling the exterior which can cool the walls. As the wall temperature adjusts to the paints need together with the breeze from an open window, this can help in a perfect drying time. You can also turn up the thermostat while the painters are painting and leaving it for 36 hours after they are done especially if it is excessively cold.

Humidity plays a big part in painting. When the air is full moisture, the paint will have problems drying since wet air keeps the paint wet. Painting in temperatures that is too cold can cause problems as the paint will stay wet and can sag. Although winter is less humid than summer, if you think your home is producing more humidity than usual, better have it fixed first before your house painting contractor Newtown start painting.

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