Exterior House Painting West Ipswich: Tips To Make Exterior House Paint Job Easier

Exterior House Painting West Ipswich: Tips To Make Exterior House Paint Job Easier

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Residential house painting is hard work, especially when you do exterior house painting West Ipswich. Prepping your home the right way helps to ensure an exterior paint job that will last. Before you start painting the outer side of your house, here are some tips to make the job easier.

CLEAN. Painting over a dirty surface does not produce good or long-lasting results. So before you start painting your home, clean your house exterior. Using a pressure washer will do a quicker exterior cleaning compared to hand washing. A thoroughly cleaned surface maximizes the adhesion of the new paint to your home. Let your home dry for at least a day. If you do not have a pressure washer, you can rent one or borrow your friend’s machine.

Preparing the wall for painting is more than just removing dirt and mildew. The surface should be free of flaking, oils, loose paint, and anything else that would cause the paint from bonding well with the surface. You may need tools like paint scraper, sandpaper, and a stiff brush to clean the surface.

SANDING. This will entail filling holes, cracks, and gouges with exterior epoxy wood filler. Let the filler to dry before sanding the area. Repair damaged areas if possible and replace rotting or crumbling wood.

PRIME. Priming is not necessary for all surfaces, but stucco and bare wood should be primed. Applying primer may depend upon the type of product your topcoat is. You may want to consult a professional whether or not priming is needed. Typically, when you want to make a big change in the exterior wall colour, applying primer is essential.

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