Exterior House Painting Walloon – Things You Must Know Before Painting a House Exterior

Exterior House Painting Walloon – Things You Must Know Before Painting a House Exterior

exterior house painting walloonA fresh paint job can do wonders when it comes to updating the exterior look of a house. If you are planning to paint the exterior of your house, you should know that you are embarking on a big house paint job and you will really have to commit or else, you may not finish the task on time. Here are things that you must know when painting a house exterior.

You will have to:

  • Wash and clean the exterior walls before painting. Years of its hard work protecting you inside have made it accumulate a lot of dirt and even grime. Washing the exterior walls will eliminate the dirt and broken-down paint to prepare the walls for those fresh coats.
  • Do not ignore the importance of scrapping those peeled, bubbled or blistered paint. However, you need to protect yourself from lead especially if your home was built before 1978. If you are unsure and do not want to bother yourself from lead, just contact a experienced painter in exterior house painting Walloon.
  • After removing loose paint, then it is time to do some sanding.
  • Once the sanding is finished, you will have to patch the minor crack and dents, repair the rots and replace any pieces that need to be replaced.
  • Apply primer to the surface. The job of a primer is to penetrate, seal, and give your walls a good surface for the top coats to stick to. However, there is an option to skip the primer especially of the paint surface is clean and sound.
  • After drying the primer, it is time to caulk all the small joints in the siding and trim.
  • After preparing the wall for painting, then it is time to do the painting. Use the right paint for your home and once this is done, you will see the result of your hard work.

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