Exterior House Painting Swanbank – Is It Time To Repaint The Exterior Of Your Home?

Exterior House Painting Swanbank – Is It Time To Repaint The Exterior Of Your Home?

exterior house painting swanbankHow often should you really repaint your exterior house? The answer may depend on a couple of factors. But if you want to keep a well-maintained home, then simply add painting your home as part of your maintenance budget.

When should you paint the outside material of your house? Your exterior house painting Swanbank is mostly made of different materials that could require different maintenance schedules.

· Stucco – every five to six years between paint jobs

· Wood siding – every three to seven years between paint jobs

· Painted brick – 15 to 20 years but unpainted brick needs to be cleaned and not painted

· Cement fiberboard siding 10 to 15 years between paint jobs

Where is your home located? Climate can also be a determining factor on when you should paint your house exterior. For instance, if you live near the coast, your home may receive a heavy beating from the sun, sand and salty rain, your home may need more frequent painting than in a more stable climate.

Check for signs that your homes need a new paint job. While you can expect to do a repaint job on your exterior walls for some years, but make sure to check for signs that you need to repaint your home in between paint jobs.

· Faded paint

· Peeling, bubbling or cracked paint

· Exposed patches

· Damaged paint

· Powdery paint

Make sure it is quality. When you do repaint your exterior house, make sure that you only use quality paint because that will also guarantee your home that the paint will last longer which will also save you more money. You should also get an exterior house painting service to do the task for you than doing it yourself as they can make the faster and easier for you.

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