Exterior House Painting Ripley: How To Choose The Right Paint Colour For Your Exterior

Exterior House Painting Ripley: How To Choose The Right Paint Colour For Your Exterior

Choosing the right colour for your exterior house painting Ripley is an important start for your project. The colour of your house is one of the noticeable overall styles of your property. You want your house to blend seamlessly with its surroundings and the neighbouring houses.exterior house painting ripley

Here are some ideas to consider when planning your own house exterior colour.

Earth tones work well with houses surrounded by plants and trees. Off-white or cream coloured exterior painting looks great with a green backdrop while brown shutters and trims complement to the setting.

Earth tone colour schemes for exterior paint are perfect for houses located in the mountains, lakes or in areas shrouded by trees. When you want the green backdrop around your home to make more emphasis, choose monochromatic brown exterior for minimal accent.

White trim brings that classic appeal and keeps the brown exterior from becoming too flat. Try muted golden tones as an accent for that subtle flare of colour. If your house already has a focal point such as a red roof or brickwork, use colours that will blend well with the existing tones and does not compete.

Choose white if you want a stately or classic look. It is also a good choice of colour for traditional and contemporary homes. You may go for black and dark green or timeless accents on a white exterior. These colours will make shutters, doors or trim work look great on a white facade.

Soft greys and blues present a vintage cottage look that really appeals. Have the trim coloured in white and opt for timeless taupe for windows and doors to bring that elegant look.

Whatever colour scheme you choose for your house exterior painting, you get the best result when you use high-quality paint.

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