Exterior House Painting Pine Mountain: Painting Supplies To Prepare Before Painting

Exterior House Painting Pine Mountain: Painting Supplies To Prepare Before Painting

exterior house painting pine mountain

Are you planning to do an exterior house painting soon? One of the first points to remember when painting the outer side of your house is to have all the needed painting supplies.

PRESSURE WASHER. It is important to give the walls a good wash before starting to paint. If you don’t have a pressure washer, you may borrow your friend’s machine or rent one from rental equipment.

SANDER AND/OR SCRAPER. After washing the walls, you will have to sand or scrape off all cracked paint from the surface. You might see a lot of the cracked paint that came off after washing the house. A simple hand sander can level the surface.

PAINTBRUSH. You will have to know the right paintbrush to use for the paint job. The paintbrush comes in different choices and it can confuse anyone. Note that when you paint the walls use a 3″ inch flat wall brush as it can hold a good amount of paint and save a lot of time coating those tough to reach spaces. Some areas to paint can be challenging like under the eaves and soffit. It is recommended to use a 2″ inch angled trim brush to reach areas where the flat brush couldn’t.

PAINT ROLLER. The right paint roller to use will depend on the area to paint. For the trims on your house, the small 4″ inch roller and roller frame can be very effective. While there are bigger rollers available, a standard 9″ roller can paint your entire house. If you haven’t painted before better stick with a standard sized roller and roller frame.

ROLLER GRATE. Painting an exterior is a huge task and time consuming and this helps remove excess paint and distributes the paint evenly on the roller cover for even application. This can save a lot of time as you can load up your roller right in the bucket instead of spending time filling up drip pans again and again.

DROP CLOTHS. You do not want to splatter paint on the ground/turf around your house so don’t forget to cover these areas. Exterior paint is made to last and drips and spills will stick around for a few years. You can use more than one drop cloths to fully cover an entire side of the house, so you can paint without moving your drop cloths from time to time.

Other important supplies you should have for exterior house painting include:

  • Painting Clothes
  • Painters tape
  • Ladder
  • Extra bucket/s
  • Small paint bucket for touch up paint
  • Caulking gun to seal around the windows and doors

Exterior house painting Pine Mountain is hard work, so be sure you bring that can do attitude!

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