Exterior House Painting New Chum: Things You Must Know About Exterior Painting

Exterior House Painting New Chum: Things You Must Know About Exterior Painting

How do you feel when you see a home with a fresh paint job? Well, for most of us, it creates a total satisfaction of seeing a home glowing. If you are planning to do exterior house painting New Chum, you know you are going to give your home that fresh look while protecting your property from the sun, wind and rain.exterior house painting new chum

When the paint is properly applied, the new paint could even last to more than a decade if you use top-quality materials and use professional painting techniques. The question though is if this project is for you or should you just hire a painter to help you with painting?

To decide if painting your home exterior could be your next home project or just hire a professional, here are some of the things you will need to do to accomplish the task:

Protect your landscape. Before the whole project begins, you will have to protect nearby plants by possibly pulling them away from the house, or covering them in fabric drop cloths.

Wash your home. Before you paint the surface, you will need to ensure that the exterior is clean from dirt, mildew, and broken-down paint residues. You will need to do a thorough scrubbing and even use a pressure washer to effectively remove possible dirt and grime.

Scraping and sanding. You also have to deal with paint that has already blistered, bubbled or peeled. If your paint contains lead, be careful during scraping and sanding as the dust can be toxic. Scrapping paint by hand can really be difficult and you may even use power grinders and sanders to remove the old paint.

Patching. Once you have scrapped all that is necessary to scrap, you can now patch and fill the areas that are needed to be filled.

Priming. Primers are mostly used to seal and protect the surface from rust. There are different primers that can be used in different types of surfaces so make sure to use the recommended primer for your exterior wall.

Painting. Once everything is done, you can now start painting. You may need to develop a close relationship with your ladder as you will have to go up and come down to get more paint.

As you can see, painting your home exterior is not as easy as it looks. While you can still paint your home on your own, but you can still consider getting the help of an exterior painter as this will make your job easier and faster.

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