Exterior House Painting Karrabin – Do You Need To Clean Exterior Walls Before Painting?

Exterior House Painting Karrabin – Do You Need To Clean Exterior Walls Before Painting?

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Should you clean the exterior walls before painting? Paint manufacturers always recommend that you clean the walls before painting. However, depends on the surface condition of the wall, there are instances when you can get by without cleaning walls before painting.

Cleaning the wall help the paint to stick well to surfaces. Painting uncleaned walls may result to paint not adhering properly which may result to premature fading and bubbling of the paint. This just means you have wasted money from buying the paint and all the effort may just be a waste because the result will not be as what you expect. Skipping the wall cleaning prep will just shorten the lifespan of the paint which you may have to paint again soon. Consider how difficult and expensive exterior house painting, which is why you have to get it right the first time.

How should you properly prepare the exterior walls?

One simple way is to use a pressure washer. While you can still clean your house exterior by using a soap wash and wiping all areas by hand, it will take a lot of time. Using pressure will remove dirt and grime to your exterior walls and you do not have to wipe all corners with your hand. A pressure washer will just simply make your life easier and faster.

It is also important to use the pressure washer with care as it can cause problems if used badly. You can damage the sidings and create cracks too if you are not careful. You may want to ask your contractor for exterior house painting Karrabin if they include power washing service as they know the right pressure to use for exterior walls without causing damaging.

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