Exterior House Painting Blackstone – Exterior Painting Preparation

Exterior House Painting Blackstone – Exterior Painting Preparation

exterior house painting blackstoneExterior house painting is not a job for everyone. It demands a lot of time and effort to complete the task. You will really have to commit to doing the project or else, you may not finish the task on time. You will have to wash, scrape and scrape more, sand, patch and fill, place primers, caulk, and paint.

Wash – You need to wash the exterior walls to make sure that the wall surface is clean before you start painting. It has accumulated a lot of dirt and even grime and washing exterior walls will remove the dirt and flayed paint to prepare the walls for repainting.

Scrape – Scrapping those peeled, bubbled or blistered paint is needed to get the best look. However, you need to protect yourself from lead paint on the walls especially if you have an old house. Scraping and sanding lead-based paint will create dust that can be very harmful. If this is a job you want to avoid, you may call an expert in exterior house painting Blackstone to do the job for you.

Sanding – After removing loose paint, it is time to do some sanding.

Patching and filling – The next step is to patch the minor crack and holes. Repair the rots and replace any pieces if necessary.

Primers – Priming the walls is needed to penetrate, seal, and give your walls a good surface for the top coats to stick to. You may opt to skip the primer if the paint surface is clean and sound. However, primer is best as it prevents the risk of peeling paint, especially in humid conditions.

Caulk – Once the primer is dry, it is time to caulk all the small joints in the siding and trim.

Paint – After all the wall prep is done, then it is time to paint the house. Use quality paint for your home to achieve the best look that will last for a long time.

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