Exterior and Interior Home Painters Chuwar – Possible Causes Of Untimely Paint Bubbles

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Paint bubbles or blisters make your house painting looks messy. A newly painted wall can have bubbles and blisters when preparation and painting are not done right.

To protect your house painting from untimely bubbling, it is necessary to prepare the surface you intend to paint. Make sure that the surface is clean and dry before you start painting. Use a primer-sealer and avoid painting if it is too hot, too cold or humid.

When paint peels, it is because the paint can’t hold on the surface. This can be avoided by sanding the surface you want to paint as it helps the paint to hold. Then, test the surface if it is ready for painting.

When paint cracks, it is also the result of lack of proper preparation and the cracks will eventually get bigger. And just like bubbling paint, cracks can occur because of painting mistakes. It includes:

  • · Using low-quality paint
  • · Painting oil-based paint over latex
  • · Paint application is too thin and dried too fast
  • · Paint used is old
  • · Lack of proper preparation
  • · Applying thick paint

When paint cracks, scrap or wire brush the flaking paint and sand, prime and repaint the troubled area. You may need to strip all the paint and have to do it all over again if it has cracked down to the substrate.

It is also best to hire exterior and interior home painters Chuwar to make sure that the paint job is done right. Using professional house painting services can help avoid untimely peeling or bubbling of paint.