Common Painting Issues for Commercial and Residential House Painting Bremer

Common Painting Issues for Commercial and Residential House Painting Bremer

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A commercial and residential house painting Bremer service mostly provides different types of services to ensure that the interior and exterior walls of a building looks fresh and new. Services that may be included are maintenance and renovations of existing buildings as well as painting new constructions.

Just like any other tasks, these commercial painters also deal with a variety of problems that also affect the surfaces of the wall like:

Layers of paint peeling away

This mostly happens when multiple coats of paint are applied to the wall. It could also occur when there is a layer of primer below the top coat. Moisture also affects paint to peel away as well as the use of cheap paint. A reliable painter knows how to prepare the surface of the wall before applying them and will only use high-quality paint.

Blistering paint

When the paint is used on a wet surface it may lose adhesion that can result in the creation of bubbles. To solve this problem, make certain that the room is well ventilated and is dry. An experienced contractor will also not paint in direct sunlight as it can cause excessive heating.

Mould on the wall

This can result in patches of grey or black attached on the walls that are hidden from sunlight. This commonly occurs when the paint that was used does not contain enough fungicide that can prevent the spread of mildew. Before your chosen contractor paints your walls, they will make sure that the surface is free from mildew. They will also remove any type of dirt on the surface and may even treat the area with bleach. Once the area is well cleaned, they will start the process of painting.

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