Brisbane Residential Painting: Dos & Donts

Brisbane residential painting

Are you in search of Brisbane residential painting tips? Well, these are some of the fundamental pieces of advice you should follow for best results:

Put old wooden furniture in front of your yellow wall. Paint in green tones the wall of your apartment and you will welcome the countryside atmosphere that you have been missing.
If the furniture you have is dark and old, paint the walls of the place in pale shades of blue or pink. The only sure thing is that this room will remind you of spring throughout the year.
Combine blue with blue, sky with sea, in relaxation areas such as bedroom, bathroom and living room, and thus convey a sense of tranquility. Place the red armchair that is so comfortable in front of a gray wall. In bright rooms it is best to use bright colors, since bright colors reflect the sun and the result will be even brighter.
If one of the rooms in your house is spacious enough to paint the walls in warmer or otherwise dark colors, this will make the space more warmer and cozier.
Give another feel to the place by applying various styles to the walls of your kitchen or bathroom, such as pressed cement-masonry.
On the other hand, avoid painting a rough wall in light colors, because the color will look darker than it is, since a rough wall does not reflect the sun like a smooth one. Do not paint a wall darkened by the sun. Dark colors look brighter in dark places.
Avoid the dark colors in the entrance hall, because it will limit the space and give out a negative aura to your guests. Do not use brown or purple colors on very large surfaces. It will cause melancholy and depression. Do not paint the wall of your dining room blue. According to various researches made by psychologists, blue color prevents appetite for food, so under no circumstances do we want this to happen to us or to our guests.
Do not overdo it with the plethora of colors. You need balance and harmony in your space.

Follow these guidelines and you will make the most of Brisbane residential painting!

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